College Flu Challenge Enrollment 2023

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New Jersey College & University Flu Challenge

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The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) is teaming up with colleges and universities for the 7th annual College & University Flu Challenge to encourage young adults to get vaccinated against the flu! This challenge will facilitate friendly competition between institutions with the objective of promoting flu awareness and vaccination among students across the state. Each participating institution will develop and implement their own influenza campaign, and will be monitored by comparing vaccination coverage rates through a short student self-reported electronic survey.

By participating in the 2023-2024 College Flu Challenge, your school will receive educational resources, a certificate of participation, and will be eligible to apply for the New Jersey Influenza Honor Roll. In addition, one representative from each winning school will be invited to attend the New Jersey Immunization Conference. Join us in encouraging young adults across the state to get protected against the flu!

***If you are here to take the flu challenge student survey, please visit: http://healthsurveys.nj.gov/NoviSurvey/n/ChallengeStudent2023.aspx.
What is the name of your institution?
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Please be as accurate as possible. This number will be used in determining the estimate of students immunized. If you need to verify the number, please leave a comment below that you will be providing a more accurate number when you have the information.
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