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NJ COVID COMMUNITY CORP: Vaccination events

Join us in raising awareness about local vaccination sites and help residents schedule vaccine appointments in areas with low coverage. Every knock and every conversation would help us move closer to our goal.

If you have not signed up to be a member of the NJ COVID Community Corps and completed the required trainings, please do so HERE. The trainings should take approximately 1 hour to complete.

The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. If you have any question, please email me at Nayeli.Salazar@doh.nj.gov

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cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Black/African 
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cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Spanish 
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cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Gujarati 
cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Haitian Creole 
cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Hindi 
cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Italian 
cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Mandarin 
cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Polish 
cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Portuguese 
cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Tagalog 
cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Other 
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Select your preferred volunteer location for special events July 17th weekend
cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Sat, July 17- Christ Church in New Brunswick, 10AM-1PM 
cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Sat, July 17- St. Mark's Church in Keansburg, 10AM-1PM 
cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Sat, July 17- Ocean Health Initiative in Lakewood, 9AM-1PM 
cd97703d4f1d423c883f95aafb9e8593 Sun, July 18- Parish of Our Lady of Angels in Trenton, 9:30AM-12:30PM