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2024 EMS Award Nominations

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Thank you for your interest in the 2024 EMS Awards!  The EMS Awards provide an opportunity to recognize those individuals that have gone above and beyond the call of duty as well as citizens that have taken extraordinary action to help someone in need.  While all nominees will be recognized, each category will have one recipient that will be announced during the 2024 EMS Awards Program.  The EMS Awards Program will take place Friday evening, November 22, 2024 during the National Conference on EMS in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Please take a moment to review the criteria to ensure your nomination is categorized correctly.  We continue to review and revise the categories and criteria to better represent the EMS Community. Nominations not meeting the criteria or minimum requirements will not be considered.   All Nominations must be a minimum of 300 words and be submitted no later than August 20, 2024.  

Award Categories
List the Name and contact information of the person (or agency) you wish to nominate:
Please list the name and contact information for the nominee. If it is an agency, you may list the agency name as first and last name. Please ensure contact information is correct as this is the information used to contact the individual or agency.  Only one person/agency will be accepted per nomination.   
Please describe (with as much detail as possible) why this person or agency deserves the award. Description must be a MINIMUM of 300 words for award consideration.  Nominations that are miscategorized or do not meet the minimum criteria of 300 words may be recategorized or disqualified.
You may also upload any supporting documentation here:
If your nomination does not fit above, or you have additional supporting documents, please upload them using the links below:
Upload File Here
Please list your contact information:
Please list your contact information in case the Award committee has any questions regarding your nomination.  
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Contact Phone Number
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